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Performing an Exponential Regression
Figure 14.19.
Figure 14.19. When data is growing at an exponential rate, you use
When data is growing at an exponential rate, you use LOGEST
perform a regression analysis.
22. Enter the beginning of the formula: =LOGEST(
=LOGEST(. Enter the known_y'sas
A2:A9. Leave the constvalue blank. Spe-
cify TRUE for stats. The formula should be
33. Do not press Enter for the formula. Instead, hold down Ctrl+Shift
while pressing Enter to tell Excel to interpret the result as an array
formula and to return a table of values from LOGEST.
44. Add some labels to help interpret the statistics. The labels shown in
columns D and G are examples.
55. To use the results of the regression in a prediction calculation, enter
a different formula than with LINEST. The formula is Intercept ×
Slope^X. In Figure 14.19 , to predict population values for a given gen-
eration in cell I2, use =$F$2*$E$2^I2. Alternatively, you can use the
GROWTH function, discussed in the next section.
B2:B9 and the known_x'sas A2:A9
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