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Discovering Interesting Things in Your Data Using the Quick Analysis
Figure 2.20.
Figure 2.20. Customer, sector, quarterly sales. So what?
Customer, sector, quarterly sales. So what?
The Quick Analysis tool, new in Excel 2013, is an on-ramp that lets you ex-
periment with all those data tools without having to dive in and read an en-
tire book. It is quick and easy to use, and it gives you a view of what you
would get without actually doing anything with the data.
Follow these steps:
11. Select one cell in your data.
22. Press Ctrl+* to select all of the data.
33. Look for the Quick Analysis icon at the bottom right of your data
(refer to Figure 2.20 ). If your data fills more than one screen, the icon
appears near the last row or column that fits on your screen.
44. Click the icon and then start to click around.
The Quick Analysis appears, with five categories across the top: Format-
ting, Charts, Total, Tables, and Sparklines. When you select a category from
the top, you see anywhere from four to ten icons in the Quick Analysis.
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