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Complete the Mockup
The rest of the mockup is easy.
To copy the first textbox to the top row of textboxes in columns D
and F, select the range B3:B5 and copy it to cells D3 and F3. To
copy the top row of textboxes to the second row, copy the range
B3:F5 to cell B7.
With the chart textboxes in place, you now can enter title text in
each, as shown in the figure above.
Finally, to complete the mockup, widen column H as shown and
delete several columns so that column J becomes the narrow
column at the right of your display. Then enter the textbox shown
here and the “whatever” textbox shown in Figure 8-2.
An Alternate Method: Use Cell Borders
If you have a good idea about what you want your dashboard to
look like, you might find it easier to use cell borders rather than
textboxes to define your mockup figures. The above figure, for
example, would look the same if I had used cell borders.
However, if you aren’t sure what your report will look like when you
begin, using text boxes probably is the most flexible approach.
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