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Step 2: Determine Your Dashboard Design
Your mockup provides a general idea of what information you want
your dashboard to contain. In this step, you determine what you
want your dashboard to look like. You determine its fonts, colors,
and other graphic elements.
This can be a difficult task
for most Excel users, few
of whom are graphic
artists. That’s why the
Internet and business
magazines are so useful.
They provide many sample
designs that you can adapt
for your dashboards.
To illustrate, when I
searched the web for
sample charts and tables, I
eventually found this figure
from Business Week.
I used Microsoft
PhotoDraw to find the RGB values for each of the colors. Because
Microsoft no longer makes that product, you will need to use
another drawing program if you don’t have PhotoDraw already. The
key feature you will need is what PhotoDraw calls an eyedropper
tool. When you hover the tool over any object on your screen it
assigns the object’s color to the selected drawing object in
I set up these colors in Excel using the technique I describe in the
Appendix, How to Set Any Color . Then I applied those colors and a
similar font for the title to the mockup.
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