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Format the Mockup
You can format your report any time you want. But I like to format it
early in the process because it helps me to better visualize how
each figure will look in the final report. This helps me to get each
figure right the first time, saving rework.
The first step is to
set up the colors to
use in your display.
The Appendix
explains the general
This figure shows
the seven specific
RGB (Red, Green, Blue) values that I assigned in the Color tab of
Excel’s Tools, Options dialog. To illustrate the notation, the first
color I changed has a value of Red:236, Green:231, and Blue:189.
The figure below shows how I used these colors to format the top of
the mockup report. I expected to make some changes to the report
as it developed, of course. But this initial format definitely was in the
To fit the report title as shown, I merged the range B1:G2. To do so,
select the range; choose Format, Cells; in the Alignment tab Merge
Cells; then choose OK.
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