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The First Data Sheet for Charts
Typically, your first data sheet will be for a chart.
Every chart in your
dashboard report will
use a data sheet that
looks something like
this, except that
columns E through N
will be visible.
This data sheet
contains four categories
of data.
Labels & Controls
The text in Cell B1 will
be the title of the first
Figure 8-5. This sheet provides the data for the
first chart. Similar sheets provide data for the
other charts. Columns E-N are hidden for this
figure only.
The section in rows 3-5
help you to scale down
values in your charts. This step is necessary because our small
charts need all the horizontal space they can get. Using long Y-axis
labels wastes space.
Enter a number in cell B3 to specify the scale type to use from the
Control sheet. The formula in cell B4 returns the label from the
Control sheet based on the scale type you enter:
=INDEX(ScaleLabel, ScaleType)&" of "&Currency
The formula in cell B5 returns the Scale value that will be used in
the Chart Data section:
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