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In Depth Information
The row of dates in row 7 determines which columns of data are
displayed by the remaining formulas in Figure 8-5.
P7: =CurMonth
Contains the date value for the current month. It gets its data from
the CurMonth range in the Control sheet, where you specify the
current month to report. (See Figure 8-4.)
O7: =DATE(YEAR(P7),MONTH(P7)-1,1)
Returns the date value one month earlier.
Copy cell O7 to the left as needed.
Raw Data
This section of Figure 8-5 contains formulas that return data from
your source files.
Column Index Numbers, Actual
The formulas in row 10 in Figure 8-5 return the column index
numbers associated with each date. Here are key formulas for this
P10: =MATCH(CurMonth,ActGL.xls!Date,0)
Finds the current month in the ActGL.xls database, and returns its
column index number.
O10: =P10-1
Returns the index number for the preceding month.
Copy cell O10 to the left as needed.
Row Numbers
Cell B11 in Figure 8-5 returns the row index number used by the
formulas in row 11:
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