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Create the Legend
This figure shows the legend in its data
Cell B2 contains the text, “Legend”. To
center the text as shown, choose Format,
Cells. In the Alignment tab of the Format
Cells dialog, choose Center Across
Selection in the Horizontal dropdown box.
Column E contains the text shown. The range C4:C6 contains
simple drawing objects.
The formula in cell B8 returns the units label specified for the
Balance Sheet. Its formula is simply:
="Data in "&J!UnitsLabel
As in row 2, format the range B8:F8 as Center Across Selection.
Color-Code the Sheet Tabs
At this point, your workbook has a good number of data sheets.
Some support charts, some support tables, and others support
miscellaneous figures like the Legend. This often makes it difficult
to find the data sheet that you want.
One way to deal with this issue is to create a Table of Contents
sheet, which contains descriptive links to each page. An additional
way to deal with this issue is to color-code your worksheet tabs.
That is, make the tabs for your chart data sheets one color, the tabs
for your tables another color, and so on.
To specify a tab color, merely right-click the tab, choose Tab Color,
and then choose the color you want from the Format Tab Color
dialog box.
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