Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
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Chapter 1. The Advantages of
Dashboard Reporting With Excel
Suppose you’re a manager. You’ve had a long day at work.
Spreadsheet reports litter your desk. When you finally get home for
the evening, you pick up a business magazine to unwind. But
because you’re too tired to read anything, you just look at the
Many of those “pictures” in your business magazine are small
charts and tables…figures that summarize more data than the
typical Excel reports that litter your desk.
What’s going on here? Why is it work to look at data presented by
most Excel reports? Why is it relaxation to look at data presented
by business magazines?
I think there are two reasons, both of which are influenced by the
Management-Reporting Pyramid.
The Management-Reporting Pyramid
Management reports
should be designed
like a pyramid.
Top-level managers
should receive fewer
pages of standard
reports than their
direct-reports receive.
But those pages
should present a wider scope.
This is common sense. Accounts payable clerks receive extensive
data about each customer’s payment history. But their manager
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