Microsoft Office Tutorials and References
In Depth Information
Figures Clipped from Magazines & Newspapers
The figures that follow are scanned images from a variety of
publications. I credit the source if I know it.
Because these images are scanned, they’re not as sharp as those
in the previous section. Even so, they serve as useful examples.
(Fortune Magazine, 1992) Use textboxes to create the titles above
each chart. The textboxes would be on top of the charts, covering
the part that you don’t want to display. Similarly, textboxes at the
bottom cover the bottom of the charts.
The blue and red section titles, combined with the background
colors, differentiate the two categories of information. The easiest
way to assign the background colors would be to use cell patterns,
combined with a transparent Chart Area. The Chart Area is
transparent so it can extend into the narrow columns to the right of
each figure, which causes the chart to be displayed flush right.
The legend information in the top left corner of each chart would
come from textboxes or Camera objects (try both) linked to cells.
This allows the text to update automatically as the data changes
each period
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