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The option, “Value (Y) axis cross between categories” always is
However, if you want to experiment with this alternate method,
here’s how to use it:
Set up two adjacent columns of labels. In the example, one column
would contain the month and the other would contain the year. The
label that should be displayed in the second row of your chart
should appear in the first column of your spreadsheet.
The SERIES function takes these arguments…
=SERIES(name_ref, categories, values, plot_order)
…where :
name_ref—provides the chart’s name.
categories—generally, provides the Y-axis labels.
values—provides the values to be plotted.
plot_order—specifies whether the series is plotted first, second,
and so on.
Edit your SERIES formula to reference these columns for the new
labels. For example, you change the formula from something like:
=SERIES(Sheet1!$D$1, Sheet1!$C$2:$C$14 ,
=SERIES(Sheet1!$D$1, Sheet1!$O$2:$P$14 ,
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