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Chapter 3. Charting Techniques for
Dashboard Reporting
You can use a variety of techniques to give your charts the
appearance they need. This chapter describes some of the most
common of these.
Adding a Data Series to a Chart
Suppose you create a chart that shows spending for the Marketing
Department for each month in the past year. You show it to your
boss, who says, “That’s great, but what was the budget?”
So now you need to add a data series for Marketing’s budget.
In Excel, you have at least three ways to do this. They all can
produce the same results. But if you know all three methods you
can choose the one that would be easiest in a particular
First, the quickest method probably is to
copy the new data to your chart.
To do so, copy your range of data, including
the column title. Select the Chart Area. When
you do so, the edge of the chart will display
the markers shown here. Paste the data to
the chart. Then edit the new SERIES formula to ensure that Excel
has set it up correctly.
Second, you can use an Excel dialog to add a data series. To do
so, select the Chart Area. Choose Chart, Source Data. In the
Source Data dialog, choose the Series tab. Then in the Name,
Values, and Category edit boxes, select the data ranges that you
want your new series to reference. You also can manually edit the
formulas shown.
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