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then select the cell that you want the text box to reference. When
you press Enter, Excel will create the text box for you.
Or, with an existing text box selected, type an equal sign in the
formula bar and then click on the cell with the formatted text. After
you press Enter, the text box typically will change positions in your
chart and will display the formatted text in the cell you referenced.
You can click and drag the text box into position.
The text box maintains a dynamic link to the contents of the
referenced cell. If the text changes in the cell, the text will change in
your text box.
One limitation to this approach is that the format isn’t dynamic. The
text box adapts the initial format in the source cell. If the cell format
changes, the format doesn’t change automatically in the text box.
The source cell in your spreadsheet can have any formula you
want. Typically, it would look something like this:
=IF(SomeCell=TRUE, “Alert Message”, “”)
Here, if the value SomeCell is TRUE, your chart displays “Alert
Message”. Otherwise, your chart displays nothing.
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