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Now that we’ve set up the data to display efficiently in the chart,
you need to provide the unit of measure for your readers. To do so,
use a simple formula like this in a convenient cell:
=”▲” & IF(Switch=.001, “Thousand”, “Million”) & “ $”
Unfortunately, Excel doesn’t give text boxes the power to use
formulas like this directly. Instead, you need to enter the formula in
a cell and then reference it from the text box.
Dynamic Currency Symbol
It’s easy to display the correct currency symbol in a chart, if there’s
some way for a formula in your workbook to know which currency it
contains. To illustrate, if the cell named Currency contains 1 for $, 2
for €, and 3 for £, your formula could be:
=”▲” & IF(Switch=.001, “Thousand”, “Million”) & “ ” &
CHOOSE(Currency, “$”, “€”, “£”)
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