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I suspect, in fact, that one of the reasons that gauges have been
promoted so widely is that other software publishers see an
opportunity to sell their programs to replace Excel for performance
reporting. But because managers are better off without gauges in
the first place, there's little need to buy programs to generate them,
and no need to replace Excel for dashboard reporting.
That is, by avoiding gauges, managers can improve their
dashboard reports and probably avoid the cost of buying 3rd-party
dashboard reporting programs.
How to Create a Better Chart in Excel
It's easy to create the chart that generated the three earlier
examples. Here are some guidelines:
1. Start with a line chart with three lines: actual performance, the
red gauge values, and the incremental yellow gauge values.
Make sure that the lines use this plot order in your three
SERIES functions:
1 - actual performance
2 - red values
3 - yellow values
2. Format the entire Plot Area green.
3. Select the line with red values and change its type to a stacked
area chart. To do so, choose Chart, Chart Type, and complete
the dialog. Then do the same for the line with yellow values.
The chart's colors aren't standard Excel colors. To learn how to
assign these colors, see Display Any Colors in Excel.
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