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Chapter 5. How to Use Excel’s
Camera Tool
If you’re like most Excel users, you’ve never used Excel’s Camera
tool. In fact, you may never have heard of it.
This is a shame, because it’s an extremely powerful tool for
dashboard reporting. Without the Camera tool, you would find it
virtually impossible to create high-quality dashboard reports.
This chapter introduces the Camera tool, and then presents a
series of examples of how you can use it for reporting. Future
chapters will rely heavily on the Camera tool.
Set Up the Camera Tool
The Camera tool isn’t accessible through Excel’s menu structure.
You use it by clicking on an icon on a toolbar.
To set up the icon,
choose Tools,
Customize. In the
Commands tab,
choose Tools, and
then scroll through the
Commands until you
find Camera. Click
and drag the icon to
either your Standard
or Formatting toolbar.
Plan for the Camera to
permanently reside in
your toolbar.
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