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mode, rather than landscape mode. This lets them turn the pages
like a book
However, because some displays, are too wide to be printed in
portrait, they must be printed in landscape.
This creates a formatting problem because when Excel prints a
page in landscape, it also prints the page headers and footers in
landscape. This means that page numbers printed in the top right
corner of a portrait page are printed sideways in the top left corner
of a landscape page. And page titles typically appear in the middle
of the page, at the left.
And this fact makes it very difficult for managers to find specific
pages in those landscape reports.
The previous figure shows how to solve this problem. In your
management reports, print all pages in portrait mode. When you
need to print a figure in landscape, use the Camera tool to take a
picture of the figure; put the picture on an otherwise empty page;
rotate the picture by 270%; add standard headers and footers; then
print the page that contains the Camera object.
This approach makes management reports much easier for readers
to use. And it makes managers much happier.
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