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Complete the Traffic Light
To complete the traffic light, first enter the images shown into cells
B14, B16, and B18. Use an Auto Shape from the Basic Shapes
section, and a Text Box for the label. Assign any shade of color you
want to the three objects.
In the Text Box, be sure to set a white font and to set no line and no
Then set up the Camera object. To do so, choose any cell; click on
the Camera icon; then click on any cell. With the Camera object
selected, replace its formula in the formula bar with:
This named formula (defined on the previous page) returns a
reference to cell B14, B16, or B18, depending on the Score value in
cell B2.
By default, the Camera object has both Line and Fill settings. You
need to remove both. To do so, right-click the Camera object.
Choose Format Picture. In the Colors and Lines tab, set the Fill
Color to No Fill and the Line Color to No Line; then choose OK.
To complete the figure, you can create a chart as shown. To control
the white space in the figure I made the chart and plot areas
transparent. Then I positioned a white drawing object between the
camera object and the chart, as shown in the figure.
To place the three objects in the proper order so that the correct
object is on top, right-click on any of the objects, and then specify
the Order setting from the menu shown in the list. Your choices are
Bring to Front, Send to Back, Bring Forward, and Send Backward.
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