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Method 5: Excel-Friendly OLAPs
Figure 6-2 illustrates how an
Excel-friendly OLAP works.
Here, OLAP cubes contain
multi-dimensional data from
any source. Excel-friendly
OLAPs offer several ways to
update these cubes easily.
Cubes typically reside on a
cube server, and are
available to all users. In
single-user versions, cubes
reside locally.
Users link to cubes using
spreadsheet formulas. Other
spreadsheet formulas can
return related information
about data in the cubes.
The Advantages
I’ve used various
Excelfriendly OLAP products for
more than ten years. I see
many advantages and few
disadvantages. I’ll limit
myself to the major
Figure 6-2. Excel-friendly OLAPs allow
multi-dimensional data to flow easily from
a large data store into spreadsheet cells
and then into dashboards.
Excel-friendly OLAPs can virtually eliminate Spreadsheet Hell.
These products eliminate the need to re-create standard
spreadsheet reports each period. They allow two reports, created
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