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How to Set Up the Excel Database
The Excel database is a folder on your hard drive, a folder that
contains one or more workbooks to be used as a spreadsheet
For example, the folder for the sample database for this topic
contains these four workbooks: ActGL.xls, BudGL.xls, ActSales.xls,
and FcstSales.xls.
Each workbook typically contains several worksheets associated
with time .
For example, each workbook in the sample database contains
three worksheets: Month, YTD, and R12. The Month sheet contains
the monthly changes for each GL account. The YTD sheet contains
year-to-date balances. And the R12 sheet contains the rolling 12-
month totals of the data in the Month worksheet. (You’ll learn more
about the R12 sheet later in this chapter.)
The most important thing to remember about these workbooks is
that the sheets in each workbook must have the same structure. If
the Month worksheet has data from January, 2001, through
October, 2005, then the YTD and R12 worksheets must have the
same months of data.
Similarly, if the Month worksheet has 147 rows of data, with
“Reconciliation Total” in the last row, then the other two sheets
must be set up in the same way.
Generally, it’s easy to set up this duplicate structure. Just complete
the Month worksheet; copy the worksheet twice in your workbook;
name the new tabs “YTD” and “R12”; then change the data as
needed for the new sheets.
Let’s take a look at each of the four workbooks in the database.
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