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The ActGL.xls Workbook
Figure 7-2 shows the four corners of the worksheet with the
monthly Income Statement and the monthly changes in the Balance
Figure 7-2. This figure shows the four corners of the Month
worksheet in the ActGL.xls workbook. The data is surrounded by
border rows and columns that anchor the range names.
The ActGL.xls workbook also contains worksheets named YTD and
R12. All three sheets in the workbook have identical structures;
they differ only by the data they contain.
The gray rows and columns are very important in Figure 7-2,
because all range names are anchored in these ranges. As you
add new rows and columns of data, you always make sure that you
insert the new rows and columns between the borders.
Here are the names assigned to this workbook:
Each worksheet database contains rows of data described by
specific GL accounts or product codes. A specific account or
product code represents the Name of that item. This column
contains that name.
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