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In Depth Information
As you build your workbook database, make sure that all
worksheets within each workbook have exactly the same structure,
as illustrated by these three range names.
The BudGL.xls Workbook
The BudGL.xls workbook differs in minor ways from the ActGL.xls
workbook in Figure 7-2, but its general structure is the same. Here
are the top- and bottom-left sections of the Month worksheet in this
Figure 7-3. This figure shows two sections from the worksheet
database, which will contribute data to the dashboard report
explained in Chapter 8.
The top section shows a variety of budgeted accounts from the
General Ledger. The bottom section shows subtotals calculated
from data in the top section.
Here, the Name, Desc, and DataMonth ranges extend from row 3
through row 60.
Setting up the Data
Notice that the data in Figure 7-3 begins in the year 2003, while the
actual data in Figure 7-2 begins in 2001. There’s no need for one
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