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Cell E57:
Cell E58:
The first pair of formulas reflects the assumption that the number of
accounts that define Sales and Cost of Sales will change
frequently. The second pair reflects the assumption that the number
probably won’t change frequently.
The ActSales.xls Workbook
Figure 7-4 shows two sections from the workbook that tracks sales
by product by month.
Here, the products in rows 4
through 14 all belong to the
Seating product line. The subtotal
for the first month in this section
appears in cell D54. The formula
in cell D54 is merely:
In this particular example, the
Name also is used as a
description. If a more detailed
description is needed, it could be
added to this database.
Figure 7-4. Cell D54 contains the
subtotal of the products listed in
the top seciton of the figure.
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