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Create and Position Your Mockup Figures
Figure 8-2 shows the mockup that I created. Ultimately, the small
areas in this figure will contain charts; the large area will contain a
Camera object; and the other area is undefined for now.
Figure 8-2. This mockup of the dashboard report provides a rough idea about
the desired size and shape of charts and other displays.
Begin a New Report
To begin this display, enter a place-holder title in cell B1. Enter a
place-holder date in the top-right cell inside the narrow border. In
Figure 8-2, this is cell I1. But your worksheet might use a different
cell. Right-align that cell.
To give yourself an idea of what the report will look like, it’s usually
a good idea to format the fonts in these cells somewhat as they will
appear in your final report. You will change the format in the next
step, but by having titles somewhat as shown, your report already
starts to look and feel like a dashboard.
Create the first textbox, and anchor it in cell B3. To anchor it, click
and drag it with your mouse and then press down your Alt key while
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