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as well as a default web application and site collection you can start using right away. In
addition, SharePoint creates the content databases for both Central Administration and
the default first web application for you, which is, again, only possible thanks to the SQL
Express instance on the local server. Because SharePoint already knows what local
service accounts to use, Search and other services are started and configured automatically
and are ready and working as soon as you finish the configuration wizard. As a matter of
fact, as soon as you complete configuration, a browser window will open and access your
freshly built SharePoint site.
When the wizard is finished, you will see a Configuration Successful page, as shown in
Figure 2.34. At the bottom of the page will be instructions describing what will happen
when you close the page and how to log in to the browser (as well as a reminder to add
the site to the browser’s trusted zone).
Successful page
4. To finish configuration and just start using SharePoint, click Finish .
Immediately after the wizard closes, the default browser will open. In most cases, on Server
2008 or 2008 R2, that will be Internet Explorer 7 or 8.
For the purposed of full disclosure, the browser I’m using is Internet Explorer 8 (unless I state
otherwise), and, outside of this exercise, I generally have Enhanced Security Configuration (ESC)
disabled for administrators, which means I’ll be prompted less often for authentication and warned
less about untrusted sites (useful when you’re writing a book or working within your office network,
but not so good when you’re browsing the dangerous byways of the Internet).
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