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You may be prompted for a username and password. If so, use the username and password of
the account you were logged in as during installation and configuration. If you are not prompted
to log in, it is because the browser simply passed through the login credentials of the account you
are currently using on the server. Since you just finished installing SharePoint, that should be the
correct account to use (SharePoint doesn’t know any other user accounts at this point).
If you’re following my example, you’ve installed SharePoint using the server’s local
administrator’s account, so you should be logged in using spf1\administrator, because our server
name is spf1 and the local account we used to install SharePoint is administrator.
After you log in (if you need to), you may be asked to add the site to Trusted Sites for the
browser. Feel free to do so if necessary. You will be presented with the default home page of
your new SharePoint Standalone installation (Figure 2.35). Notice on the top right of the page
that your username is displayed. This always lets you know the current account with which you
are logged in.
First glimpse
of the new
SharePoint site
If you are not prompted to add the site to the Trusted Sites zone in your browser, you can add it
manually (if you’re using IE) by selecting Tools Internet Options, going to the Secur it y tab,
selecting Tr usted Sites, click ing the Sites button, and adding the ser ver ’s local URL to the list. Tr usted sites
belong to an Internet Explorer security level that allows ActiveX controls to run on your computer. If
the site is not added to the Trusted Sites zone, some page properties may not function correctly.
The new top-level site uses the Team Site template, which is a standard, default template for
many SharePoint sites that offers some sample lists, libraries, and so on. You can see in the address
bar of the browser that the address of the site is the address of the server itself (http://SPF1 in our
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