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Administration’s content database. If you were to customize the Central Administration
website by adding a list or two or filling the existing ones (they’re not easy to find, but they are
there) with data, those customizations would be stored in this database.
databases for a
Standalone installation
SharePoint_Conig_( GUID ) This is the all-important configuration database containing
all the configuration information about this server implementation. Any settings made in
Central Administration that relate to SharePoint overall go here.
WSS_Content This is the content database for the default first site that you logged into in the
browser. Any data you add to the lists or libraries on that site, as well as changes made to the
site, are stored in this database (except for customizations such as added solutions, which are
stored in the SharePoint root).
You may have noticed that the security groups for SharePoint, and the content database, still have
“WSS” in the name. That’s not surprising, since the name change to SharePoint Foundation occurred
only during the beta of this product. It had been Windows SharePoint Services for years prior to
that (and SharePoint Team Services before that, which is why the command-line tool, now being
deprecated, is still called STSADM).
WSS_Logging This database is used by Usage and Health analysis to store log data.
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