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Now that you know what changes have been made in IIS by SharePoint and are able to check
all the pertinent information concerning your SharePoint responsibilities there, it’s time to finish
up confirming the install—by going to the Central Administration website and seeing what
settings SharePoint made during the Standalone installation.
Confirming Central Administration Settings
When SharePoint was configured during the Standalone installation, the Central Administration
Web Site was created to use a unique port. Having checked it out in IIS, you know what that port
is, so you can just open a browser and enter http:// thelocalserversname uniqueportnumber :
(mine would be http://spf1:2666).
However, there is an easier way. For your convenience, SharePoint places a shortcut in the
Start menu of the SharePoint server, SharePoint 2010 Central Administration, that will open the
browser with the correct address without requiring you to memorize it.
And because it’s something we all have, let’s use that. Go to the Start menu and click
SharePoint 2010 Central Administration. (If it’s not directly on the Start menu, click All
Programs, open the SharePoint 2010 products folder, and click SharePoint 2010 Central
Administration there.)
The browser will open and access the home page of the Central Administration site. You may
be prompted to log in, so be sure to use the account you were logged in as when you installed
Once the page loads, you can see immediately that the layout is definitely different from the
Team Site home page of the SharePoint-80 top-level site (Figure 2.51).
The Central
home page
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