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You might have a red bar show up on the home page of Central Administration even when everything
is working fine and you’ve just recently installed SharePoint.
This is caused by the new Health Analyzer capability built into this version of SharePoint. Like the
Best Practices Analyzer available for the Server OS, the Health Analyzer has a set of rules for which
it tests the current implementation to make sure everything complies. Unlike the Best Practices
Analyzer, the Health Analyzer runs on a preset schedule (unless you set each rule to do otherwise),
without your instigation. This means that the red bar can pop up without your request whenever
a rule is broken (and the Health Analyzer notices it).
One of the things that SharePoint doesn’t really like is if the farm account (used by the SharePoint
Timer service to do tasks for SharePoint and access the configuration database) is not completely
unique and is shared with any other service on the server. Even though SharePoint well knows that
it installed itself using all local system accounts, the rule written to warn if the SharePoint farm
account is not unique will warn you regardless (the rule runs weekly, so it will take about a week
after installation for the warning to trigger).
This just goes to show that some Health Analyzer warnings are more informational than dire. For
more about the Health Analyzer, see Chapter 13.
In the Services On Server page, you get the opportunity to see all the services available for
configuration on the server. Because SharePoint set them all up for you during the configuration
wizard, most of them should be running.
As you can see in Figure 2.53, the services listed are those mentioned in Chapter 1: Business
Data Connectivity, Central Administration, Claims to Windows Token Service, Incoming Email,
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