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The Workflow
Timer Settings page
As you can see, the Workflow Timer service manages how many workflows will run per
timer job interval. On this page, you can change how many occur per interval. The default is
100, and because you have to assume that SharePoint would know what a good default setting
is, you can leave it as is (especially since this example installation won’t crush the server with
workflow activities any time soon).
The SharePoint server Timer job service (as opposed to the one for workflows) is the most important
service on the server because it runs all the jobs that SharePoint needs, from diagnostics, search,
and alerts to backups, workflows, usage data, and password management. It is the little service
that actually carries most of the load of SharePoint by itself. Its identity is the same as the one used
to access SharePoint’s configuration database. It is the big reason why that account is considered
the farm account.
The other service that was conigurable in the Services list was SharePoint Foundation
Search. To configure it, navigate back to the Services On Server page using the new Navigate Up
button as described in the “The Navigate Up Button” sidebar below.
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