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Going back to the Services on Server page introduces an interesting part of the new SharePoint page
design (which we will explore further in Chapter 4): the Navigate Up button. Gone are the standard
breadcrumbs that let you simply click a link and go back to the page you were previously on.
We could use the page title/breadcrumb, but it only goes back to the Central Administration home
page, which is one page too far. So, there are just two options: click the back button in the browser
itself (which is bad page design), or click the Navigate Up button to the right of the Site Actions tab
in the dark band at the top of the page (generally referred to as the top ribbon bar ). As you can see
below, the button drops a navigation tree that will show you every single page you clicked to get
to where you are, letting you navigate with precision. Use the Navigate Up button to go back to the
Services On Server page.
The other service that is running but can be configured from the Services On Server page is
SharePoint Foundation Search. To just see what configuration settings are available for the service
(and how SharePoint set it up) without affecting its running state, click the title of the service in the
Services list.
While we’re here, I want to show you something. On the right side of the Services On Server page is
a View menu box. Currently it is showing the Conigurable services (which is a misnomer, since a
lot of them aren’t conigurable, at least not here). To see all the ser v ices, click in the View menu and
select All. It will show you additional SharePoint services. Most of which are not conigurable.
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