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On the Outgoing E-mail Settings page, you’ll see that there is, finally, only one section of
settings, which contains only a few fields.
1. The first setting is to specify the outgoing SMTP server. This is usually your office email
server, configured to already handle outbound and inbound email. Mine is running on
my domain controller, DC1, so I am going to enter dc1.dem0tek.lcl into that field. You
can also just use the server name, instead of the FQDN.
2. The second field, the From address, specifies the address that recipients will see in the
From field of the email. It doesn’t need to be a real address, just something appropriate.
I’m going to keep it simple, though, and use a real address on my email server:
sharepoint@dem0tek.lcl .
3. The third field, Reply-To Address, needs to contain a real email address that the recipients
will be able to send return email to. I am going to use the same real address,
sharepoint@dem0tek.lcl .
See Figure 2.57 for an example of my settings.
4. The fourth field on this page has to do with the character set used for outgoing email. My
server uses the default character set listed, so I did not change it. If you need to, to comply
with your environment, do so here.
5. When all your outgoing email settings are correct, click OK to finish.
That will take you back to the System Settings page in Central Administration.
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