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The Outgoing
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page filled in for
the sample
The Health Analyzer may consider not having outgoing email configured a problem. So if you wait
a week or longer after installing SharePoint to configure outgoing email, it will generate an error
warning you about it. After you’ve finished setting up outgoing email, be sure to clear the entry
on the Problems And Solutions page (click Monitoring in the Quick Launch bar, and click Review
Problems And Solutions under Health Analyzer) by opening its details and clicking Reanalyze Now
in the ribbon.
Configuring Incoming Email
SharePoint can receive incoming email for lists enabled to accept it and redirect messages to
those lists so they can add them as list items. This requires the SharePoint server and, more
particularly, the SharePoint Timer service to know where to get the incoming email addressed to its
lists, what the email alias for the server is going to be, and whether the SMTP service is allowed
to accept email from any servers or only servers considered safe, to avoid spam.
1. To configure those settings, since we’re on the System Settings page in Central
Administration already, just click the Configure Incoming E-Mail Settings link under
E-Mail And Text Messages (SMS).
Once on the incoming email’s configuration page (Figure 2.58), you’ll notice there are
only four sections: Enabling Incoming E-Mail, Directory Management Service, Incoming
E-Mail Server Display Address, and Safe E-Mail Servers.
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