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Something to mention before we begin is Directory Management Service (DMS). This service allows
SharePoint to integrate with Exchange (primarily 2003, but 2007/2010 works with addition
configuration) through Active Directory in order to be able to add SharePoint’s incoming email enabled
objects to the Exchange global address list (GAL). An organizational unit (OU) must be dedicated
to the service, and permissions must be applied correctly. It is a pretty complex setup to add some
addresses to the GAL. You are not going to be configuring DMS at this time, because it isn’t
necessarily a required feature for most networks.
2. To configure incoming email, you first need to enable it. In the Enable Incoming E-Mail
section, click Yes for Enable Sites On This Server To Receive E-mail .
In the same section, you can choose either to allow the locally installed SMTP service to
handle incoming email or, if you haven’t installed SMTP, to specify a drop folder used by
some other SMTP server to leave mail.
3. You already have SMTP installed on the server, specifically so that you could use its
services, so leave Automatic selected.
4. For Directory Management Services , leave the default selection of No. You will not be
configuring that setting at this time, but you can always go back and change it later if
everything else on the network is configured correctly for its use.
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