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The People And
Groups – Farm
As I mentioned earlier, the local Administrators group is a member by default, just in
case. However, that isn’t always a good idea, and often people remove such a general
group (since it includes all domain admins, and it is possible that you might not want all
of them to be able to have full control of SharePoint).
The setup account should not be used to log in regularly. So, here’s how to add more.
Keep in mind that the account should have administrative rights to the server (generally
as a domain admin so the person can go from server to server in the farm if need be).
That way, they can log in locally if necessary, run the SharePoint configuration wizard,
psconfig (the command-line tool for configuring SharePoint, instead of using the
wizard), STSADM, and PowerShell (although PowerShell requires a little more configuring).
2. On the Peoples And Groups – Farm Administrators page, there are three options above
the list of user accounts: New, Actions, and Settings. To begin the process of adding a
new user, click New .
That will bring up a Grant Permissions box, where you will enter the name or names of
users or AD security groups that you’d like to grant permission to become members of
the Farm Administrators group.
3. In the Users/Groups field, enter the name of the account you want to add to the Farm
Administrators group (Figure 2.60). In my case, I’m going to use my SharePoint utility
account, dem0tek\shareadmin.
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