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To resolve the name to the display name in Active Directory (to be sure you used the
correct account name), you can click the Check Names button (looks like a torso with a
check mark next to it) below the box you entered the account name into. This is what I did
in Figure 2.60. You can also use the address book icon (called the People Picker) next to
Check Names to browse through users in Active Directory to find a group or username.
By the way, I always click the Check Names button to make sure SharePoint can resolve
the username with AD.
The Grant
Permissions box
4. If you’ve entered a user account, click OK to add the user to the Farm Administrators group.
The account is now a member of this Farm Administrators group list.
If you’d like, you can log out as the setup account and log in as the account you just added,
by clicking the Account menu in the top-right corner of the page (it lists the account name that
you’re logged in with currently) and selecting Sign In As Different User.
Log in with the newly added account. It should put you back on the People And Groups page
you were on before; only the Account menu will now show the new account name rather than
the account you used to install SharePoint (Figure 2.61).
Logged into
Administration with the new
Administrators account
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