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Preparing User Accounts for a Complete, Server Farm Installation
SharePoint needs a few accounts to use as the identity of several of its services, as well as a
specially configured installation (or setup) account. In addition, I tend to create a SharePoint
administrative utility account, one I use to do general administrative work in SharePoint. It
helps to have these accounts prepared before SharePoint is installed.
The setup account that is used to run the SharePoint installation and configuration is
critically important, particularly for a Complete installation. This is because it will need to create
SharePoint’s configuration database, assign the farm account the right to own that configuration
database, and give the farm account the right to create more databases and give other accounts
access to them.
The setup account also will be used to run the SharePoint preparation tool and the
installation and configuration wizard, as well as to create the SharePoint root file structure. This will
give the farm account the necessary permissions to folders and the subsequent right to assign
access to other accounts as needed.
The setup account must have the right to log on locally to the server where SharePoint will
be installed and have permission to install software and start/stop services locally (particularly
when working with IIS). In a domain setting, this account is usually at least a domain admin (or
a member of the Administrators group on each server where the installation will be run). The
setup account must have SQL login, securityadmin, and dbcreator fixed roles on the SQL server
in order to be able to create the necessary databases in SQL, assign roles to other accounts in
SQL, and give them ownership to the correct databases.
As you know, the account you use to install SharePoint in a server farm configuration must be able
to install software and start services on each of the servers in the farm. You could use an account
that has been added as a local administrator to each server, or you can make the setup account a
member of the Domain Admins group for the Active Directory domain. In addition, in a server farm
configuration, the setup account must also be assigned special roles on the SQL server. If you are
not responsible for these tasks, you can simply ask the appropriate Active Directory
administrator to create an account that is in the Domain Admins group and then ask the SQL DBA to add that
account to the Logins, DBCreator, and SecurityAdmin roles.
However, if you need to do it, here’s how.
To add a user to Active Directory and add them to the Domain Admins group, follow these steps:
1 .
Open the Active Directory Users And Computers console by choosing Start Administrative
Tools Active Directory Users And Computers.
2 .
Click the Users node, and then click the Add Users button (it looks like a head with a sparkle on
the back of it).
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