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3 .
In the New Object – User dialog box, enter something appropriate into the User Logon Name
field, and ill in either or all of the First, Last, Initial, or Full Name fields. Keep in mind that
what appears in the Full Name field is what w ill be displayed in the Active Director y Users And
Computers console. If you only add a logon name, the Next button will remain grayed out. I
entered setup for First Name, account for Last Name, and setupacct for User Logon Name. T his
means that the account, setupacct, will often display as the setup account.
4 .
Click Next, and enter a password. I suggest you uncheck User Must Change Password At Next
Logon. Depending on your env ironment’s password policy, you might want to select the Password
Never Expires and User Cannot Change Password check boxes. That way, if the account is
compromised, it makes it harder for the attacker to change the password to one you don’t know.
5 .
Click Next when you have finished setting up the password. Confirm that the name, logon name,
and password settings are correct, and click Finish. The account you created will be highlighted
in the console.
6 .
To add the new setup account to the Domain Admins group, right-click the username, and select
Add To A Group from the pop-up menu.
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