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7 .
In the Select Group dialog box, verify you are selecting from the correct location (it should be
your domain).
8 .
In the Enter The Object Names To Select field, enter domain admins , and click the Check
Names button. If the name resolves, its formal display name should appear. In this case, domain
admins should become title-capitalized and underlined, which means that Check Names found
it. Click OK.
9 . A dialog box should notify you that the Add To Group operation was successful. Click OK.
To add the setup account to the correct roles in Microsoft SQL Server, follow these steps. (In my
case, the version is SQL Server 2008 SP1 CU2, but the same applies to 2008 R2, as well as SQL 2005
SP3, CU2, although the interface is a bit different.)
1 .
On the server running SQL, open the SQL Server Management Studio console by choosing
Start All Programs Microsoft SQL Server 2008 (or whatever your version is) SQL Server
Management Studio.
2 .
Make sure you are connecting to the correct ser ver (and ser ver instance if necessar y) and ser ver
type (in this case, database engine), with the correct authentication, username, and password.
Click Connect (my example server is RR1, and I am using the default account for Windows
authentication). See the following graphic for more information.
Keep in mind that you need to add the setup account to the SQL Server Logins role, so it can be
added to the SecurityAdmins and DBCreator roles.
3 .
To do this, open the Security node in the Object Explorer pane.
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