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Log into the server where you install SharePoint, as the setup account (in my case
SharePointFoundation.exe, and on its installation screen (Figure 3.1), select
Install Software Prerequisites to run the preparation tool. Use that preparation tool to
install, enable, and configure the SharePoint prerequisites (take notice of what
prerequisites were installed from there as well).
The SharePoint
Foundation 2010
installation screen
Because the preparation tool installs some hotixes, the server may reboot when
tion finishes. Be prepared for that.
Log back in as the setup account. Prerequisite installation will complete.
For the sake of convenience, on the SharePoint ser ver, I have also disabled User Access Control (UAC)
and Enhanced Security Configuration (ESC) for administrators on Internet Explorer. UAC can block
even domain admins from being able to do standard administrative tasks in SharePoint (such as
create new web applications). However, if your environment requires these features to be enabled,
you may be prompted more often to log in locally to SharePoint sites, and you may occasionally see
options in Central Administration grayed out or missing when they otherwise wouldn’t be.
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