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You have to set the minimum password age to zero (which means never). If you set it to
something else, users cannot change their own passwords. When a user is added to SharePoint with
this user account mode, the user is sent their username and password (so outgoing email must
be configured properly before users are added to the farm). Because passwords are assigned,
it is best practice to allow users to change them to something more personally private and
relevant. They can’t do that if Active Directory is using a minimum password age of anything
other than zero.
If you use ADAC mode, you must learn how to manage a lot of SharePoint administration using
the command-line tool STSADM or PowerShell. (See Chapter 14 for more.) You cannot do a lot of
administration from the GUI with ADAC, because the HTML interface has features that depend
on Domain Account mode. It won’t let you create site collections in the GUI or allow users to
create their own site collections (called Self-Service Site Creation ). The potential inconvenience
of this is enough to make administrators think twice about using ADAC mode.
As you know, running any IIS Web Sites on a domain controller, let alone SharePoint, is not
recommended. But specifically, ADAC mode is not supported on a domain controller.
At this point, configuration begins in earnest. The Configuring SharePoint Products page
comes up, and a progress bar indicates activity, while the text around it describes what
is happening. There are 10 configuration tasks for the wizard to complete, from creating
the configuration database (the one that may take the longest) to provisioning the Central
Administration web application to registering services to creating sample data.
When the configuration is complete, a last page of the wizard will come up, indicating the
configuration was successful (and if it wasn’t, it will tell you what went wrong so you can
ix it). It also details the configuration settings it applied (these details should be identical
to the summary of settings you saw before the configuration—but always check, just in
case), as you can see in Figure 3.14.
The Configuration
Successful screen,
with a summary of
settings applied
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