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Click a virtual directory icon in the Connections pane without an ar row on it (in my example I selected
the bin folder). While the folder is selected, click Explore in the Actions pane. This will open an
Explorer window to the folder and show you the exact contents of that virtual folder and incidentally
the physical location of that folder in the file system. That means it will show you the folder name
SharePoint is using for the virtual directory. (In my example, SharePoint named my folder 7973 for
some reason—remember, it should name the folder after the port used by the IIS Web Site, but there
is a glitch in this process for Central Administration.)
Now you know what that folder is for and why not to delete it.
16. So for this implementation, we are going to forgo the easy walk-through and do this
ourselves. Select the No, I Will Configure Everything Myself option, which is actually the
Cancel button.
This will bring you back to the Central Administration home page (Figure 3.17) and finish
the installation process (you can also close the installation screen if it’s still open for any reason).
Chapter 2 introduced the Central Administration home page in detail. Briefly, it has the dark
blue bar at the top (considered a top ribbon bar), containing the Site Actions tab, the navigation
button, and a few ribbon bar tabs on the left. On the right side of the bar is the account menu,
indicating your login account. Also on the right, just below the title area of the page, is a tiny
help icon. In the middle of the page are the seven headings with commonly used tasks beneath
them, for your convenience. On the left is the Quick Launch bar, which basically repeats the
seven headings. If you click a heading, it will take you to the page containing all the
configuration settings (loosely organized by task), which far outnumber what is on the home page.
The settings links available per heading on the home page are a fraction of the tasks available
throughout the site; they’re just available here as a convenience.
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