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Before we move on to enabling services or creating a web application, let’s register some
necessary service accounts.
Registering Managed Accounts
Unfortunately, you can’t just click a link to register accounts from the Central Administration
home page. This is one of those tasks you have to go a page or two down to find the settings
you’re looking for.
In this case, you need to click Security in the Quick Launch bar. That will bring you to the
Security page, listing the SharePoint tasks considered related to security (Figure 3.18).
The Security page
1. Click Configure Managed Accounts under General Security, which will bring you to a
page that is already populated with the farm account that you entered during the
configuration wizard (see Figure 3.19).
2. Click the Register Managed Accounts link above the list. That will, finally, open a page
where you can enter the data required to register an account. As shown in Figure 3.20,
I’ve filled in the fields to register my search service account.
You may have noticed the warning at the top of the Register Managed Account page. It is saying that
the server is not using an SSL certificate or otherwise encrypting traffic between your browser and the
server on your network. Generally this is not a problem, since you are accessing the data internally, but
if it is, consider using SSL to secure traffic to the Central Administration site. In my case, I am working
in the server itself, so there is no browser traffic from a client to the server to intercept.
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