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is also a setting for the number of tries it makes to change a password before failing. The
default, in seconds, for the wait before changing a password is 45, and the number of tries is
5. Both these defaults are fine.
In our case, we only need to enter an email address for the password change notification
emails to send to. In my case, that would be sharepoint@dem0tek.lcl Figure 3.24). Then click
OK to keep the change and leave the page. Keep in mind that, although managing passwords is
great, there may be times when services are unavailable while passwords are changing.
The Password
Settings page
Configuring Search
Now that we’ve registered some managed accounts, let’s configure Search and, in the process,
see what services are available on the server.
To do that, you can click Manage Services On Server, under System Settings on the Central
Administration home page. Or click System Settings in the Quick Launch bar, and on the
System Settings page select Manage Services On Server.
That will open the Services On Server page (Figure 3.25).
As you can see, a number of services are available for the server farm. Even though the View
menu identifies these as the “Conigurable” services (to see all services, change the view to
All), for most items, the only configuration possible is to start or stop the service; there are no
conigurable settings for most services here (despite the menu on the right indicating the list is
conigurable). Only the last two services, shown in blue on the screen, are truly conigurable:
the Workflow Timer service and Search. The Workflow Timer service just schedules how many
workflow events can run during each SharePoint Timer job service interval (since the timer
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