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If you do want to reconigure the index schedule for Search, I suggest you simply edit the settings
by clicking the title of the service on the Services On Server page to do so.
If you stop the service and then start it again (which is what happens if you click Stop and then
reconigure the settings in the Action column to change settings), Search will require a whole new
database. It cannot reuse the existing Search database on restart if it had been stopped. Building
the Search database and reindexing everything can take time and resources, so stopping and
restarting Search during production (especially during busy times) is not recommended.
8. Make certain the settings for Search are correct, and then, to start the service, click the
Start button at the bottom of the page.
This will start the service. A Processing page will come up, and then, if all goes well, you’ll
be back on the Services On Server page with the Search service indicating that its Status is
Started (Figure 3.28).
The Search
service now
appears as Started
on the Services On
Server page.
In addition, if you go to the Services console, you can see that the SharePoint Foundation
Search v4 service is now using the service account you assigned it (Figure 3.29).
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