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5. To create a new application pool in this UI, you first need to name it and then apply a
service account to it, as you can see in Figure 3.34. In this case, I am going to name the pool
BDC service (which will be its name in IIS), and in the Select A Security Account For This
Application Pool area, I am going to select the managed account I created earlier for this
server, dem0tek\spfbdc in the Conigurable Account field (using a local built-in account is a ,
bad idea and is grayed out for that reason). Feel free to name the application pool whatever
you’d like, and use the account you created and registered earlier for the BDC service.
6. That’s it. If all the settings you want for configuring the BDC service are complete, click
OK to create its service application.
The Processing page will come up for a little while, during which an application pool,
database, and web service application will be created.
When processing is complete, a really redundant success notice will come up if it was
successful (depending on what you named your service), a failure notice with information as to
what went wrong if it didn’t. As you can see in Figure 3.35, mine created the new Business Data
Connectivity service application successfully.
New Business Data
Application created
If you click OK in the notice box, you’ll be brought back to the list of service applications.
Notice that Business Data Connectivity is now listed (with a supporting proxy) on the page
(Figure 3.36). It will also be listed on the Services On Server page.
The other two service applications listed relate to the web services that were displayed in IIS
earlier: the Topology application handles load balancing and discovery (and is referred to in
SharePoint as the Application Discover y and Load Balancer ser vice for that reason), and the
SecurityTokenServiceApplication handles the, well, Security Token service, the service used by
SharePoint for claims-based authentication.
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