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this web application will be just the server name; the default port doesn’t need to be
specified for the address in most browsers. They automatically use port 80.
6. The last setting in this section, Path, is more informational than anything; most people
just keep the default. The Path field contains the actual physical path on the hard drive to
the folder that will be the home directory (otherwise known as the virtual directory) for
the web application. If you click in the field and scroll to the right, you’ll eventually see
that the name for the directory will be the port number for the site, as it should be.
The next sections, shown in Figure 3.44, cover the Security Configuration, Public URL,
and Application Pool settings for this web application.
The Security
Configuration, Public
URL, and
Application Pool settings
for creating a new
web application
The Security Configuration settings available are the choice of an authentication provider,
whether to allow anonymous access, and whether to use an SSL certificate to secure the site.
Every web application gets five zones to use for alternate addressing and security. The
first zone for a site is, by default, the considerately named default zone. This is the first
zone that the indexer uses when trying to access and index (or crawl) content. The
indexer prefers NTLM authentication, so it’s considered best practice (and simply
prudent) to have the first zone for a web application use NTLM. Kerberos is supported, but it
does require additional configuration, and the indexer cannot handle Kerberos on custom
ports (should you be using one).
For our purposes, choosing the prudent course works. So, keep NTLM as the authentication
provider. Along those lines, you won’t enable anonymous access or an SSL certificate at this
time. For more information about using a SSL certificate with SharePoint, see Chapter 16.
7. So, for the Security Configuration settings, keep the defaults, making sure that NTLM is
the authentication provider, that Allow Anonymous is not enabled, and that Use Secure
Sockets Layer (SSL) is set to No.
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