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14. In the Search Server section, select the Search server that you want to index this database.
We enabled Search on this server, so select its name in the drop-down field (mine is SPF2 ,
as you saw in Figure 3.45).
The next section, Service Application Connections, bears a closer look. Because
we configured the Usage and Health data collection service application (going by
WSS_UsageApplication) and Business Data Connectivity service already, they are
available to be selected. They are enabled by default for this web application because
the default is selected in the field. If you wanted to be able to select one or neither of
them, you could click in the Edit The Following Group Of Connections field and
select [custom].
15. However, for our purposes, keeping the default group selected for the Service Applications
Connections is fine.
16. Finally, the Customer Experience Improvement Program section has two options, Yes or
No. Since I chose No (I don’t want to participate) during installation, there is a warning
in this section that if I choose Yes, I want to participate in the program for this web
application, and I have to enable it farm-wide. I am going to select No here. Feel free to make
your own choice.
So to recap, my settings are as follows:
1. In the Authentication section:
Classic Mode Authentication
2. In the IIS Web Site section:
Create a new IIS Web Site.
Name: SharePoint-80
Leave the port at 80.
Leave the host header blank.
Keep the default path.
3. In the Security Configuration section:
Leave the Authentication Provider as NTLM.
Do not allow Anonymous.
Do not use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).
4. In the Public URL section, leave the default URL as is.
5. In the Application Pool section:
Make sure that Create New Application Pool is selected.
Keep the default name, SharePoint-80.
Select Conigurable for the security account.
Select the managed account we created for content databases; mine is dem0tek\
spfcontent .
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