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web application. In our case, the People Picker is integrated with Active Directory, so you
don’t need to specify the domain name. In my case, after using the Check Name button,
my account name, shareadmin , changed to the account’s display name of SharePoint Admin ,
as you can see in Figure 3.48.
A secondary site administrator is always a good idea (actually, having several isn’t a bad
thing), just in case the primary administrator goes on vacation or is out sick while site
collection administration needs to be done.
5. However, just for this example, you can afford to leave the Secondary Site Collection
Administrator field blank. But in production, consider always having two accounts to
administer site collections.
When creating a new site collection, you can configure only two accounts for access. Those fields
cannot take more than one account (despite the semicolon that is added to a username after you
resolve it with check names), and it must be a user account, not a security group. Keep in mind that
these two accounts are the only ones allowed to log in (aside from the farm account, which should
never be used to log in, and the web application’s content database account, which you eventually
can’t log in with anyway, if it’s a managed account with password change enabled, because you
won’t know the password).
You can add more accounts to the site collection’s administrator’s group once you get to the site.
Otherwise, you can select the Change Site Collection Administrators link under Site Collections on
the Application Management page in Central Administration to change the accounts if necessary.
Finally, we come to the Quota Template section. All site collections can have a size limit
quota set on them in megabytes to avoid having one site collection take too much space in
the SQL database (particularly useful if you are using the Standalone installation).
6. Although it’s a great idea, we have not configured a quota yet, so leave it blank.
Keep in mind that you can create a quota and go back and apply it to the site collection
later (for more on that, see Chapter 10).
You may have noticed a Number Of Invited Users field in the Quota Template section. If you were
to create a quota template to be applied to site collections, there would be no setting for number of
invited users. So, what is that setting for?
It applies to site collection only if your farm is using Active Directory Account Creation mode. Because
ADAC is really focused on site collections, especially in terms of user accounts, you can set a limit on
how many users are invited per site collection. That’s just one more SharePoint mystery solved.
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