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7. So, if you’ve entered a title and description, specified the URL path for the site collection
(remember, mine’s at the root), selected a template, and entered a primary site collection
administrator, click OK to create your site collection.
A Processing page will open for a moment, and then a Top-Level Site Successfully
Created box will come up. I know that what you were creating was a site collection (it
said so on the top of the configuration page), but all site collections start with just one,
top-level site. This just proves it (Figure 3.49).
Top-Level Site
Created box
At this point, you could just click OK and end up back in Central Administration, or you
could click the link to the new site collection to open a new browser window to the new
site collection’s URL. If you do that, be aware that the setup account was not given explicit
permission to access the collection, so you will have to log in with a site collection
administrator’s account.
8. I’m opting to check out the new site collection in a different browser window, so click its
URL link in the box.
It will, as expected, open the new site collection in a different browser window. You will
be greeted by an Access Denied page (Figure 3.50). See, I told you that the site
administrator accounts were the only ones allowed access.
Denied page
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